Cuckolds Scramble for My Goody Bags

I know, I’ve been out for awhile. I haven’t posted and I’ve been kind of away. I’ve been enjoying life, but I’m back to torment and tease you through the phones and my devious mp3’s.

It is pretty amusing that I when, your Goddess, comes back from a little hiatus that all of you scramble for my mp3’s. You’re all so obsessed with me and I enjoy it because I’m your devious bitch who enjoys making you the true little piggies that you are. Proof? So many want proof so here it is:

devious adult mp3s

That is just a small amount of the goodies purchased when I post one and many happen within minutes of posting and sending an email. One flirt even mentioned that I was the Queen of PTV. Cuckolds and submissive men grovel all over my email constantly about how they want me to control and humiliate them. Many want me to intoxicate them with alcohol or poppers and make them do things they normally wouldn’t do. Then there are those who claim defeat and excitement that I have, by creating my mp3’s, literally brainwashed them into becoming what they feared the most in the world and that is a cocksucker. A cum guzzling cocksucker.

What I don’t like to see are those begging me to look at their pictures or want me to converse with them over twitter for copious amounts of time. Nor do I want to see some so-called “bull” brag about how he “shares his women.” One fool even thought I masturbated and got off on watching two men suck each other’s dick. If that is what you think I’m about then you need to go back to school for a bit of reading comprehension courses or at least read my material and listen to my mp3’s to actually understand that I’m simply into controlling your feeble mind, making off like a bandit with ALL of your money, and mind fucking you into being my personal humiliated mind fuck punching bag.

Perhaps the name “cuckolding Princess” throws you off. It doesn’t say “cuckolding slut” does it? No, it doesn’t. It bugs me to all hell when some newbie comes out and starts calling herself a princess because she is “daddy’s little princess” or some morbid shit like that and thinks it’s her job to fuck everything in her sight and take money for it. This is NOT what a Princess is. This is a slut, and slut I am not.

For those “cucks” who think they are in control of the situation I have two words for you: FUCK YOU. You’re not in control. You’re just another man who doesn’t have enough ball power to stand up for himself. You get off on watching your wife or girlfriend fuck other men because you are a pussy. No real man wants that at all and eventually you will fall true to your form and end up being a perverted dick sucker who craves cock.

Realize this, feeble male minds, you think with your dick. No matter how bull you might think you are, you’re not. You’re still thinking with your dick. You want to abuse and torture women which makes you think you’re a man or a master and it doesn’t make you that at all because all that makes you is an asshole. And then when you think you want her to “get fucked” by someone else you just lost all your manhood because what you’re watching is another man’s cock, probably bigger than yours, get your girlfriend off in ways that you never could. Pathetic. What a loser.

That goes for men who are black, white, or something in between. My boyfriend, the one you like to call a Bull, doesn’t go for that kind of shit. He’s a one woman kind of guy and we enjoy a 3-way relationship with our pet loser cuckold. My cuckold doesn’t get to fuck me, he doesn’t get to fuck anyone. Sometimes I allow him to call phone sex operators so he can jack off his little 3-inch worm, but button dick isn’t allowed to stick that nasty stump into anything. All he is really good for is a cum receptacle.

So keep on buying my goody bags because I want you to become the cuckold he is for Me. I want to use you and abuse you. I want to take all of your money whether you’re calling me over the phone, sending me gifts, or you’re buying all of my mp3’s and sending tributes to Me. I own you. My goody bags own you. And you know it.


3-Day Stroke-a-thon Home Wrecking Blackmail

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I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of your fat ass FUGLY wife hanging around waiting for your pathetic little dick to squirt or to take your money which you should be giving to me. You are going to rent a hotel room and get away from the bitch then call me for THREE DAYS straight while I ignore you, tease you, and deny you that orgasm. I’m going to rape your wallet and clean out all of your money while home wrecking your life and then if you’re so broke by the end of the weekend that you can’t give me extra money, I’m going to milk that fucking cum from your ass. Are you able to play the game and cum for me at the end of the weekend? Or, will you be short stroking it through your prostate?

Tranny Cock Blackmail



You love keeping secrets from your wife, I just know it! But now I know that your biggest secret is that you love sucking tranny cock. I have pictures! I’m going to rape your wallet and take everything! Of course, I can always out you. Which excites you more? The blackmail, home wrecking, or outing your faggot ways?

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Stop Whining and Start Sucking!

It’s About Time You Gave In!

Hey cuckold, you have been calling and begging to suck dick but then you chicken out every time. You know what? This time, it’s for real. I’m going to make sure that you suck it when I send my big black cock lover over to your house tonight. You know what? I’m going to get your wife to lick his balls while you’re sucking his dick. I’m going to make you both do it!


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What is Your Place at the Cuckold Nudist Beach?

I go to a nudie beach every year when the sun comes out, but this is a special nudist beach .The women are all in charge and we measure a man’s place by the size of his dick. Go measure your dick then listen to find out where your place is at my nudist colony and then listen while I explain exactly what you will be  doing.


BBC Addict Busted and Home Wrecked

You know you are a huge addict to BBC so it was no surprise when you said you were cutting back after your wife found out about your calls to me. Never tell me where you are going after you vow to call me. I sent the big black cock bull to the restaurant you were eating at with your wife and you ended up sucking his dick! Of course, I set that ALL UP. Don’t fuck with me, bitch. I’ll ruin you and your happy home.

Cuckold Mind Fucked By Hot Chicks

While my hot friends and I are at the bar we dance with you and make you think that you are the hottest guy on the dance floor. We rub against you and make you want to come home with us while you think you’re going to get laid! Sorry, but we’re going to make you worship our feet and tease you to the point where you will do ANYTHING to fuck us, and that includes sucking my boyfriends huge cock. You’re great cuckold material and I’m sure you’ll get using to cuckolding and big black cock as long as I’m giving you a foot job (rather a toe job) on your little 5-inch small penis. LOL! Suck it while you cum, bitch boy.

A Letter to My Wife From Your Cuckold Husband

A letter one of my callers wrote to his wife. Isn’t that sweet?

My Dearest Wife,

I am writing this to you at the request of the cuckold Princess. I have recently purchased her 8 steps of cuckolding and listened very carefully. As I completed them, The cuckold Princess requested that I write this to you. I love you very much, more than the day we get married almost 20 years ago. I realize that over the last few years, my sexual performance has begun to lag and I don’t bring you the pleasure you deserve. As you know, I am very submissive and enjoy cross-dressing. I also enjoy chastity. My ultimate desire is to see you happy, which is why I became interested in cuckolding. Essentially cuckolding is when you take on a lover, one that would satisfy you sexually. It is not an open marriage, I am not looking for sex outside our marriage. I am just wanting to see you satisfied, something I believe I can’t do. This is about you choosing someone that you are attracted to, choose the location and the time. You will choose if I get to watch. I have been exploring my feelings about this, I have been calling the Cuckold Princess using the name “Missy.” That is the name I am beginning to use when I dress up.

I am going to review the 8 steps with you, per our Cuckold Princess.

Step 1 is about humiliation. It is about me knowing that you are out looking for a big black cock or BBC as they call it. It is about me wondering if you are being fucked at this very moment. It is about you being picky about who gets the honor of fucking you. Its about acknowledging that my dick is too small to please you, and that is the principal of why you need to find a real cock elsewhere. Its about knowing that you will find a lover that is bigger, thicker and longer and can fuck you for hours instead of the minute I might get lucky with. Its about me realizing that I am not enough for you, and you may need to reach out and find a black lover to bring you to the orgasm you deserve.

Step 2 is about financial domination. It is about me providing you the money needed to pay for the hotel room where you will be fucked. About paying for the drinks you may buy, or better yet, the beautiful dress and lingerie you will be buying so you can go out on these dates. Its about paying for your manicure, the salon, the shoes and the handbags. All the elements you need to find yourself a big black cock and my prize is that you come home to me.

Step 3 is about watching. It is time that you have the option of bringing your lovers home. It is still up to you and your lover on if I get to watch. When I do, I must sit quietly in my chair as I watch a man kiss you, undress you, and do all the things to you that I used to get to do. Its about you cumming so hard and getting to look at me as this happens. Its about me watching you take his cock in your mouth and sucking it slowly as you keep looking at me, knowing I won’t get that experience anymore.

Step 4 is about the cream pie. A Cream pie is when I go down on you and eat your pussy after you have had sex with your lover. Essentially I am cleaning you, or sucking his cum out of your pussy. You start making me go down on you without knowing that you were already fucking so I could get used to you tasting different at different times. You were training me to do this without knowing. Now that I know, I will be licking you out after I watch you have sex.

Step 5 is about fluffing. The essence here is that you are going to ask me to prepare your dates to fuck you. I will be on my knees when you walk through the door. I will serve you and your lover in any way you desire, ie, getting you drinks. Once its time, you will have me get on my knees and get his cock inside my mouth so that I can fluff him up and get him hard so he can then fuck you. It is about you guiding me to improve my cock sucking skills

Step 6 is about emasculation. You are going to teach me to be your replacement. When you are not in the mood for sex, but your lover is, it will be my responsibility to suck him off. To swallow that load of cum. I become your replacement whenever you need me to be. You make me a cocksucker. You begin to make me wear panties at all time.

Step 7 is about whoring. I will become your servant and be your host. I will be lent out to your friends at your discretion for sex as they please. You bet your friends at work that I would suck their dicks at your request. Whatever you want, you get from now on. This is where you begin to whore me out to men who become my master.

Step 8 is about complete submission. Its about me being totally submissive to you. To serving you and your lover/bull. I will do whatever you or he asks. I will worship you. I will be your sissy maid. I will dress the part in a full maids outfit, high heels and more. I will me your live in maid, for you my Goddess.

That my love, are the 8 steps of cuckolding. I hope you enjoy them and I refer you to the cuckold princess to begin your training as my cuckoldress. I long for you to lock me in chastity, let me serve you and be an obedient husband that has the pleasure of watching you have as many orgasms as you desire.


Your husband

Hey Cuckold Still Think Your Button Dick is Huge?

cuckolding phone sexHere you are, gazing at my gorgeous tits again and yet all you can do is grab your cock and search my page endlessly for more naked pictures of Me? LOL! How pathetic! 18 and over Read more»

Does Cuckold Want a Titty Fuck?

Cuckolding Princess Phone SexMy cuckold is such a pathetic loser. He knows I don’t let him touch me with that tiny little worm of his yet sometimes he asks anyway. Honestly, I think he gets off on being turned down. Get this, last night he asked if he could do a titty fuck while I was changing out of my bra.


Does he actually think I would let him touch my gorgeous tits!? Is he crazy? The ONLY time he is allowed to touch them is if I let my big black cock boy friend cum on them and only then is my cuckold allowed to get his tongue or hands anywhere near my big boobs. Once he is done cleaning up the mess, then it is back to being the little loser cuckold that he is.

Are you pathetic enough to call and ask if you can touch my tits like that? I get guys saying the most pathetic, loser things like will I suck a dick with them and then when I say no they leave bad feedback. LOL! Idiots can’t read! They have no idea what a Mistress and Princess is, but they still try. It’s okay though, most of you submissive male sluts understand what it is to be a total submissive loser and do your cocksucking duty on your own. It’s what you do.

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