You Want to Give Your Cuckolding Goddess an Extra $500?

There is a contest going on right now. The more of my Goody Bags at niteflirt you buy, the more I have a change at winning the contest. From May 1 to May 15 and then from May 16 to May 31st you can buy my Goody Bags and help me win some cash. That way I win twice, by you purchasing my Goody Bags and with the contest.

How many Goody Bags should you buy? ALL OF THEM! I’ve discounted them while I’m adding them into the system. It should take me a full month to get them in. I’m pricing them at $3.00 a piece except for special packages that will be more. If you have one that you’ve always wanted to purchase yet it still isn’t in my niteflirt Goody Bag page, then let me know via twitter and I will add it.

If you want to be on a list to see which goody bags have been released for you to purchase, you may do this one of three ways:



My Fetish Store The Princess Courtyard

My Niteflirt Goody Bag Page

I will also be running a contest for you twitter addicts. At the end of May I will tally up all of the retweets that mention me. The one with the most retweets will win 5 mp3′s of choice. I must be able to verify your age  before sending these mp3s which means you must be a customer of mine on a platform with proof.

This contest is not a niteflirt contest. It is a Twitter contest and can be any tweet that I do. So tweet often and tweet daily :)


Download This Free Cuckolding MP3

FREE cuckolding MP3


Are you into cuckolding? You’ll love this free cuckolding mp3 that introduces you to the cuckolding lifestyle of how it should be done. The 8 Steps of Cuckolding is an incredible system that tells you what it’s going to be like after you become a cuckold. It’s a fantasy that many men dream about.





Sale Still Going On and Twitter Updates

I will be continuing the Goody Bag Sale on niteflirt until I get all of my old mp3s into the system. This means that all or most of my mp3s will be added at $3.00 per item until possibly the end of the week. I will raise the price when I’m done.

If you want to be notified when my mp3′s go into the new niteflirt Goody Bag system, follow me on Twitter because I will be announcing every time one is published. Niteflirt does take anywhere from a few hours to a day or so to approve each item so you won’t see any buttons, but the mp3′s are available immediately which means that not all of my store items will be readily available from the Goody Bag link from the Niteflirt site. If you’re an impatient man, then just follow me on twitter to be notified when they’re available.

What are Goody bags? The goody bags are single or multiple items a flirt can sell through Niteflirt and list them so others can see. I have no idea why they called it “goody bag” and not a store, but it gives me the impression of a soft velvet bag that some stores will give you for sexy lingerie or intimate items like dildos and vibrators. I guess the name could be appropriate although I think “velvet bags” would be more appropriate.

Buy my velvety adult goody bags quickly because I don’t know when I will raise the cost. It will be when I’m done adding all my old items. Then I will start adding new ones at the new price which is normally between $7.99 to $14.99 a piece.

Cuckolding & Male Submission Adult MP3 Sale Until Midnight



That’s right dirty boys, all of my naughty cuckolding  goody bags are on sale until midnight tonight. I haven’t added my whole collection to the mix yet, but you will find most of my recent adult mp3′s in my niteflirt Goody Bag store.

Get them tonight before the price goes up tomorrow!

Coercing His Roomie Into Cock Worship

coercedtosuckjockcockHow completely naught of you! Somewhere on this blog there is a picture of you sucking a big huge dildo for me. Guess what? Your college roommate saw it on twitter and decided to give me a call. He told me ALL about your nasty little fetish habit and what a dirty little toy you were for him in college.

You worshiped him so much and he knew it. He took total advantage of you and your need to be him that he got you to be his puppet for a week, his dirty slave. He finally came clean and told me about it and now I’ve made a nice little mp3 to taunt and tease you because it is so much fun to give you the grief you have over what you did and know that it still makes your cock as hard as a rock.

That’s right, you probably still think about that first night he whipped it out in front of you and how you just stared right at his dick. It is always in the back of your head how you ached for it and he gave it to you so you could know what it was like to have such a huge dick and be the golden boy of the campus.

I bet you still jerk off to it, too. Don’t you? Think about it late at night when your wife is sleeping and you remember back in the day when you sucked your friend’s dick?

A Fun Assignment for You

Here is a fun assignment for you panty wearing cuckolds. Take a selfie in lipstick and something girly. Make sure all your privates are covered because otherwise it won’t make it to me. Fill in this gift certificate for a pizza and enter a nice amount for my boyfriend and I to have a pizza party and send it to :)

Good  boy!

Piggy You Just Keep On Paying Me

just keep on paying meYes, you are a sucker for my ways, aren’t you? You just keep on adding more and more to my account until your credit card is all charged up. I don’t even have to coerce or threaten you because you just keep on paying.

You know that I deserve all that money. It makes total sense that you worship this cuckolding Princess for everything that I am because I exist. Let’s not forget about all the other perverted ways you worship me. Oh no. That’s just a side bonus for you. I laugh at the way you play with sex toys for me or repeat really perverted nasty phrases to worship me. It amuses me.

You do know that with your money I do whatever you want.  I don’t even need your money, I just spend it on frivolous and expensive items that I might not even use. I am well taken care of in the financial department, but yet you can’t help pressing my buttons and buying ALL of my mind fuck mp3s and cash fuckery games. It’s financial domination of the finest when you tribute whatever you have left on your credit card to me because I’m just that wonderful.

financial domination




Click for a larger view.

I’m not going to lie to you, I love every dollar your drop into my hands. I enjoy dining out with it or buying rounds of drinks for my friends. I love putting it toward crazy vacations or very expensive jewelry and wardrobe. I do love the finer things in life and taking all of your money while you just hand it over gives me exactly what I want.

There is a catch to you though. You might feel threatened that I know so much about you. Are you afraid that I might use it against you? No, you started giving the moment we started talking. In fact, you started BEGGING me to take your money and sometimes I said no, but you sent it anyway. That I find completely hilarious. I didn’t even need you to spill your guts to me. Your slow, voluntary demise. That is what gets me hot.

Buy from Cuckolding Princess through

Playing SissyBot With My Cuckold

sissybot needs a resetI’m having so much fun with my SissyBot boys. These gurls are just the toys you need if you love taking control of a sissy. They’ll do anything for you! Well, at least that is what it would be like to own a SissyBot. I don’t know why we haven’t created the SissyBot in real life yet. Japan has a few really almost human droids now and I think we’re just going to get closer and closer to reality.

Who would buy a SissyBot? Would a real man buy one? Probably not. A Mistress like Me might or even a sissy might buy one so she has a friend to play around with. I think it would be fun to walk around a SissyBot on a leash and make all the real sissies green with envy.

I’ve been having fun with the idea of a SissyBot. In fact, my cuckold and I pretend like he is a SissyBot every Tuesday night. He puts on some SissyBot clothes and we get all the fun equipment to play with while he puts on the pretend control panel we made. The control panel sits on his right arm and when I press buttons on the mini App I made for my Droid, it makes the LEDs light up on his control panel telling him what to do next. We have a bend over command, a put the dildo in your mouth command, clean the kitchen, mop the floor, and get naked. My favorite one is the clean the creampie command that gets used when my Bull comes over and we fuck real hard right in front of the SissyBot.

When we’re all done though, sometimes I like to reset my SissyBot and this requires a chastity device and a nice prostate massage device. We drain the SissyBot of its oil and then make her recycle the oil.

All in a night’s work!

I’m Such a Homewrecking Bitch!

my favorite homewrecker mp3sI’ve been a total homewrecker for as long as I can remember. The first time I met my friend’s dad I was totally obsessed with him and was able to get everything I wanted. Now that’s another story that I will get to eventually, but this time I’m going to talk about you.

I love telling you all about the completely embarrassing and totally humiliating tasks you will do for me just so I don’t pull the plug on your happy home. Or will I? There is so much that I know and will learn about you that you will be wondering when your wife will find out about your nasty little habits. She probably has no idea that you call me (yet) and that you talk about probing yourself with inanimate objects for me or you get hard over whipping out that wallet and handing your money over to me for a massive cash fuckery. While I’m financially dominating you and taking all of your cash, you won’t be able to stop and thinking about your wife finding out about your spending all of your savings excites you even more!

What are you going to do? You’re first going to listen to my mp3s and find out how I control you. Every word I say on these mp3s is honest and forthcoming. You won’t know what hit you. Buy it soon before the sale is over.

Buy from Cuckolding Princess through

My Favorite Blackmail Scenes

my favorite blackmail mp3sI just get all giddy when I talk about my favorite blackmail mp3s. Why? Because the power of it all makes me so excited and yes, a little bit wet. There, I said it. Are you happy? I constantly get calls from pets asking me if watching them suck dick makes me wet. No, it makes me laugh. It makes me want to abuse you even more. What does make me wet and want to abuse your wallet more? Milking money from your bank account.

It’s no secret that I love to bitch slap men with the reality that any extra money they make in life really should be handed over to Me. When they get cocky and try to be a little bit alpha, I just have to snap my fingers and remind them that it isn’t going to work with me. I’m not their meek wife who asks for cash when she spends it. No, I demand the cash and get it anyway. Most times I don’t even need to ask, it is just handed over to me anyway.

While I’m at it, I love a bit of mind fuckery with you pets and by buying my favorite blackmail mp3s you will get a little taste of the mind fuckery I enjoy giving. Mind fucked and cash fucked is where a man like you belongs. Your hands open, handing me your hard earned and interest earned cash while I enjoy the better things in life. This is why your wife buys Burberry and I buy Louis Vuitton because I’m worth more. Period. While I’m dancing in my Vendome spikes and she’s tromping around in her Adidas tennies I’m sure you’re thinking about my red tipped toes more than her sweaty socks. Even so, my sweaty socks from jogging probably even smell better.

In fact, you need to put that woman on a diet and there isn’t a better way than just taking her food budget away from her and adding that to my account as well. That way your fat cow of a wife can lose weight and maybe be able to please you again. LOL I doubt it. She doesn’t have a penis.

Buy from Cuckolding Princess through

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