The San Francisco Bay Area Storm Kept Cuckold Home Today

cuckoldingprincessteasingyouOur power almost went out this morning and cuckold’s alarm was reset so the little mousewife is here with me today. It’s actually really nice because he can cook and clean all day long and keep me satisfied with lots of coffee and foot worship.

My cuckold has a HUGE foot fetish. He loves to worship my gorgeous feet while massaging them and pampering me. He just finished the pot of French Roast and now he’s warming up some towels to give me an awesome foot massage. Of course, I want the works! I was supposed to get a pedicure today, but I’ve heard the Bay Area storm of 2014 isn’t going to let up any time soon so I’ll miss my appointment. It’s OK, he’s really good at working my feet and even painting toenails.

I guess it all started when my girlfriends and I made him paint our toenails and pamper our feet at one of his first cuckold coming out parties. He was rubbing and massaging all day long, and even though his hands were getting really tired, he kept on until late that night. He was a very good cuckold that day and earned the privilege to jerk off and amuse all of us while we taunted and teased him with our newly pampered feet. He had so much fun that whenever we talk about it he immediately gets horny and has to go into the bedroom and relieve himself. It’s really quite amusing.

I remember I even sold that video at one point. You can probably find it online somewhere, but I no longer have it. He had 4 pairs of feet all over his face, chest, stomach, and thighs. He was licking the balls of our feet, sucking our toes, and just enjoying the pure humiliation of being a total foot slut. It was really quite amusing!

Cuckolds Need Loving Too!

Do Cuckolds Need Loving?

Cuckolding Phone SexDo you think cuckolds need a little bit of loving, too? I’m not quite so sure about that. The type of cuckold I have is more hungry for getting humiliated. In fact, that is his type of loving. Sure, we cuddle when watching movies the way two best friends might, but we don’t go any further than that.

You’re shocked? That I even let him cuddle? Well of course I do! They say people need a bit of cuddling to keep happy so he gets a hug here and there. He gets his attention. He’s not like one of the absolute losers I bring home from bars to destroy. No, he is different. I do love my pathetic little cuckold and I treat him the way he deserves to be treated. He isn’t worthy enough to have sex with, but I will snuggle and laugh with him, and sometimes I might even pinch his little dicklet and jerk him off like on his birthday or Valentine’s Day, but never ever will I let him finish inside of me nor will I give him a blow job.

Do you think that is totally cruel of me to be such a Bitch? I would love to hear your thoughts about it so call me. 888-242-7150.

Cuckolding is the Ultimate Form of Humiliation

Sexy Cuckolding Princess KarinI hear about a lot of men who think it’s so cool to see his wife cuckolding him by fucking another man, but what is that really doing to the manhood of the husband? Seriously! What kind of a man agrees to his wife cheating on him? I get calls from guys asking if I still fuck my cuckold and I totally laugh at the idea now. Why would I do that? My cuckold is no longer a man, he’s a mouse. I could have possibly agreed after the first time I cheated on him and he “forgave” men, but then when he took me back and said he would do anything to keep me, well I played that game rather well.

My cuckold was so excited to see me do it that he agreed to suck the guy’s dick. WHAT? I was totally new into cuckolding then, and I didn’t really believe a guy would go that far, but he did. We were watching cuckolding porn together and he was getting all excited. By that time I really wasn’t into fucking him because his small penis turned me off and that first time I went out and he got all hot an bothered by it, well, he no longer struck me as much of a man yet I did love him so I stuck around. I thought maybe watching cuckold porn might help us, but all it did was make me laugh at him even more and gave me some great ideas. I actually told him, while rubbing his dick through his jeans, that I might let him fuck me again after I had been riding a huge dick. Did he agree? Oh yes he did! In fact, I DID let him put his little pin dick inside of me for a few minutes so he could feel the creamy mess my lover left and then made him jerk off after.

It seemed it turned him on even more! I started noticing that what he really wanted all this time was for me to tell him what a pathetic cuckold he really was and to humiliate him over and over again. It was  the only time he could really get off. It is one of the reasons why he won’t leave me, because he is trapped in loving me and the way I humiliate him. Such a sad, pathetic soul.

Keep a Good Man Down Through Cuckolding and Blackmail

CuckoldingHe really didn’t know what happened to him when it did. My friend was so mad at her husband when he had cheated on her that she was about to leave him. I talked her out of it. Why? Because up until then he had been faithful and didn’t do anything wrong. He brought a lot of money into the household and keep things running. I’m not saying that women need that, but why not use it when it is available, right? The thing is, while he was cheating he wasn’t cheating with just anyone. He had found a slutty girlfriend who made him do things that questioned his manhood. His wife found out because she found the videos the slut made of him and she put him on the Internet.

I had a talk with this new little tramp and convinced her (with a little bit of coercion) to remove the pictures and she did. This little slut already knows not to fuck with me because she has done it before and I made her sad life a living hell. I made copies of the pictures and held on to them for safe keeping. His wife forgave him since the pictures were removed and their lives became something wonderful until I decided to step in. He had stopped calling which means that he stopped our little contract. I called the loser and sent him copies of the pictures I kept. I also sent him pictures of his beloved wife cheating on him. Yeah, I know. When I take control I take total control. At that point he knew his marriage was shit and gave up.

I told them they had to stay together and she had to become what he wanted deep down inside. He needed a cuckoldress and he needed to be the bi-sexual man that he craved. I also told them if they didn’t that I would make sure everyone knew of their affairs–of her affair with that big black cock gangster and his sordid affair with the slut. They knew I had pictures of both of them. What could they do?

Now they’re both in compliance with their new contracts with Me. They do whatever I want. If I want him to go suck dick while she fucks next to him, they do it. If I want him to fuck her in the ass while she sucks dick, they do it. He calls for every week to update me on their relationship and what they have done to complete their tasks. Of course, I charge him when he does. He calls my $8.99 per minute line and is required to hold on for at least an hour. If he runs out of things to say for that hour, well then he has to get ignored for the rest of the time. If he misses his call then his pictures are sent out via text. They know now that blackmail and cuckolding go together like a hand in a soft leather glove.

Why Blackmail Your Cuckold?

cuckoldingprincesslookingatcuckoldBWhat? You silly cuckold! You question why I enjoy blackmailing my cuckolds when cuckolding them? Oh dear, sweet, naive little tool. Cuckolds are so full of life when you want them to be good little boys, but then when you give them one inch of thinking they might be man enough to fuck you they let it all go to their head. Yes, the top one. Sorry cuckolds, but this is not your place and you need to be kept down to the level where you belong.

Cuckolds are nothing more than mere sexual entertainment. They do whatever you want and clean whatever you want. The cleanup could be from the kitchen sink to the creampie from my gorgeous snatch. Whatever it is I want them to do, the cuckold is going to be in panties and heels while he does it. I have one darling cuckold who wears pink stockings when he does house chores for me because he is such a good little pet and I get a kick from his matching lipstick and stockings. It is so amusing to watch him work. I think he has the ass shake down just right, too. He is required to wear a chastity belt when he cleans because he’s such a pathetic little tool. If he didn’t then he would make a HUGE mess all over the place while cleaning.

So, cuckold, you wonder why it is so important for your Mistress to blackmail you? There is no way you are allowed to start thinking you are a man at all because you aren’t and you never will be. You will always be the pathetic little cocksucking loser that you are now and there is no way out of it. One mention of you getting a promotion could let all of the testosterone that you have left go to your head and your ego might inflate giving you a false sense of manhood. We can’t have that happen because you will get to totally lost. It is for your own benefit, little man.

You Want to Give Your Cuckolding Goddess an Extra $500?

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Sale Still Going On and Twitter Updates

I will be continuing the Goody Bag Sale on niteflirt until I get all of my old mp3s into the system. This means that all or most of my mp3s will be added at $3.00 per item until possibly the end of the week. I will raise the price when I’m done.

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Coercing His Roomie Into Cock Worship

coercedtosuckjockcockHow completely naught of you! Somewhere on this blog there is a picture of you sucking a big huge dildo for me. Guess what? Your college roommate saw it on twitter and decided to give me a call. He told me ALL about your nasty little fetish habit and what a dirty little toy you were for him in college.

You worshiped him so much and he knew it. He took total advantage of you and your need to be him that he got you to be his puppet for a week, his dirty slave. He finally came clean and told me about it and now I’ve made a nice little mp3 to taunt and tease you because it is so much fun to give you the grief you have over what you did and know that it still makes your cock as hard as a rock.

That’s right, you probably still think about that first night he whipped it out in front of you and how you just stared right at his dick. It is always in the back of your head how you ached for it and he gave it to you so you could know what it was like to have such a huge dick and be the golden boy of the campus.

I bet you still jerk off to it, too. Don’t you? Think about it late at night when your wife is sleeping and you remember back in the day when you sucked your friend’s dick?

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