Cuckold Blackmailed Watching a Man in the Shower

Cuckold Loves Watching Men at the GymI know all about you and how you love going to the gym to watch other men work out. I know why you do it, too. You love remembering about the time he took you into the gym shower and made you suck his dick! You were so obsessed with that big, thick black dick that you keep on staring at it while he showered. He told me about it so I went in and took pictures of you staring at that dick for days until he showed them to you, didn’t he?

He blackmailed you and told you that you had to suck him off or he was going to show these pictures to her and now you are his little bitch every single weekend you go to the gym to work out. You have to. You have no choice or he is going to make sure your wife knows what a good little cum guzzling slut you are.

I especially like the picture of you with the jizz dripping down your chin. I guess he missed that day. Oh yes cuckold, I watched every single time you gave him head and I took pictures of it. I have your mouth open wide in every single picture imaginable. Be careful now, he is making you suck it and I just might hit you up for money.

No, I will NOT Suck Dick With You

Cuckolding Princess Femdomme PicDid you really just ask me to share a dick with you? WTF? While on the phone and I’m telling him to suck that big, rock hard cock he asks me to drop down and share it with him. I laughed my ass off! What part of I’m a Femdom Princess do you not understand you mangy little worm?

Always remember this, I am the Goddess and you are the cockslut. You need to open your mouth nice and wide while I stuff that big fat black cock in your face and you suck it. I am not submissive and no man tells me what to do. So get on your pathetic little bitch knees and do your job. I don’t care if it hurts when I slap you across the face with his dick. I don’t care how much you whine about wanting me to “suck it with you” because it’s not going to happen. Now open up maggot and suck it nice and deep down your throat. You crossed the line asking that question and no longer will I be a sensual Domme to you. I am now your worst fucking nightmare. Say AWWW bitch! My cum guzzling little cuckold whore.

Jerkoff Johnny Listening in On Phone Sex Calls Again

I heard Jerkoff Johnny was back at it again. He loves to listen to phone sex calls while he jerks his dick off. He’s such a fucking pervert I just want to bitchslap him from here to eternity. The jerkoff boy has figured out a way to get you access to listen to phone sex calls while other people are chatting about sex over the phone. He’s such a total perv! He called me one day bragging about it. What a FREAK!

I know he’s a freak because sometimes he calls my ignore line and listens in to my calls. Yeah, I can do that. It’s fun. niteflirt doesn’t let me put the guy on the other line though so all Jerkoff Johnny hears is Me. Now he gets to hear ALL of the conversations going on. Someday he’s going to get into trouble for eavesdropping on phone sex calls, but until then he just keeps on jerking off while listening. He’s a total masturbation addict, a humiliation fool of the rub one out kind.

A Post Reserved for Panty Boy

Cuckold Gets Punished for Not Doing Dirty Sheet Duty

worship your cuckolding goddessIsn’t this the way you prefer to see me? Standing above your kneeling body, looking down at you and laughing? This is a picture my cuckold took of me when I demanded he do so. He was kneeling while wearing a pair of pink polka-dot panties and a matching bra. He hadn’t cleaned the sheets from the night before so I made him lick the stain off the bed and put them in the washer. Then he crawled over to me and took this picture.

That was right before I put my leg up on the stool and demanded that he clean up the cream pie from last night. He loves it fresh, but from the night before he gets a little squeamish and yet it turns him on so much. He did his duty and then was forced to wear a chastity CBT all day long until he did every single chore and only then could he jerk off that pathetic little dick.

Is this the look you want me to give you when you haven’t done your chores? When I look down at you and prop my leg up on the stool and you stick your nasty face up to my cum soaked pussy and make you lick it all up? That is what I will demand of you if you aren’t doing your chores!

Cuckold Only Wished His Cock Was Man-Sized!

cuckolding princess forverI just laugh at my cuckold every day for he just can’t figure out why he got the short end of the gene pool. His brother is by no means small in the crotch at all. His brother has a decent-sized 8-inch cock.  So why did my sissy cuckold get such a tiny little worm?

Was it perhaps that he ate too much candy or drank too much of that British tea growing up? He sure is stunted in that area. I mean, 4-inches is NOTHING to brag about. That is TINY! Before we really started dating he used to talk about how it was a monster cock! LOL! We would write nasty letters back and forth and he would tell me how he was going to pound me with his monster dick and all that. When I saw it though, I was like “Where is that monster dick you keep talking about?”

I think he turned about 50 shades of RED and put it back in his pants. I guess when you fall in love with a guy dick size really doesn’t matter at first so we tried it out. That tiny thing was just so insignificant though. After we had sex I was always taking care of myself because he just didn’t cut it. It’s no wonder why I started going out with other guys!

Learn the Meaning of Cuckolding

cuckold humiliationI had a call the other day from a regular who seems to think that cuckolding is a family affaird and loves to talk about what kind of clothes I’m wearing. He loves the idea that when I go out clubbing that I like to get dressed up and wear dresses with stockings and heels which is probably why I stay inside a lot during the cold San Francisco nights in January.

The other night I took a call from him while I was getting ready to go out and he almost busted his nut right there when I told him I was slipping on my black dress over my black panties and black lace bra while wearing thigh high stockings and 8-inch open toe black stilettos. They guy loves heels and will do just about anything to see pictures of them, which I find incredibly hilarious.

When I told him I had just put on my perfume, a nice $300 per ounce Chanel, he about busted a load right there. Of course, he wanted to be entertained about me getting Chanel on his collar and then threatening to tell his wife about it. These men get so excited about the thought of their wives catching them with other women and I doubt if many of them cheat on their wives at all. The fantasy of a cheating wife for some men drives them quite insane and makes their cocks rock hard. Honestly, if I had a cheating boyfriend I’d probably kick him in the nuts so hard that he would fall on his knees and beg for forgiveness and then I’d crush him in every way possible, but then again that is also what these guys fantasize about. It is really quite hilarious.

I do love being that woman that drives them crazy. Why? I don’t know, I always have loved it. I like being the total tease. They know they will never ever get the chance to sleep with me and that makes them even more frustrated. I even had some idiot offer me $20K to fly to Italy and “cuckold” him. Nah. I’ll pass on that. Just send the $20K and you can imagine that we did it. Seriously. I’m not a hooker and to me, cuckolding is something you build on and not something that just happens overnight in a “session”. The words “will you cuckold me?” crack me up every time.

One time he even called and wanted me to be his daughter to cuckold him. First, I said hell no. Second, I asked him whatever the fuck did that even mean? Do you have a relationship with your daughter in that sense? Because that is so whacked! Cuckolding is a relationship where the wife or girlfriend is fucking around on her significant other where there is a relationship and I just happen to be a Dominant Cuckoldress and not a cuckolding slut. It isn’t a Mistress/submissive thing in the sense where the woman takes control no matter who you are. If you want your Mistress to make you suck a cock that is NOT cuckolding that is a submissive male being the little cocksucking pig that you are. If you want your daughter to be your Mistress who makes you suck a dick then you need real psychological help. lol lol lol Besides, I don’t do incest and underage fantasies. It just isn’t my style.

And yeah, whatever the demented fantasies he has in his head now he keeps them to just me being the Cuckolding Princess that I am where I just take control of our relationship and make him do everything I want him to from the dishes to fluffing up my boyfriend.

SHOCK! Your Wife is Really a Man!

Cuckolding Princess Femdomme PicDid you know that a lot of guys are getting sex changes these days and it’s getting hard to tell whether these women are actually men? I was having a drink the other day and someone came up to me and started talking like we knew each other. Her eyes were really familiar, but I couldn’t place who she was and then it hit me, this was a football guy from college! How he managed to tone down those muscles and lop off that huge dick of his I have no clue, but there he was in all of his new glory as a she with boobs and everything.

I have a lot of guys call me and want to fantasize about being a woman and others want to be married to a tranny. Some take the fantasy as far as taking hormones or even getting surgery to turn their cocks inside out and into a vagina. They know there is no going back so they keep it to a fantasy, but they call about it all of the time. Many of them call about it 3 or 4 times per week. I’m surprised they haven’t had anything sawed off already.

Some look at it as a form of humiliation. They don’t really want to be women, and being a woman is supposed to be humiliating to them. That part is a little humorous considering that it isn’t humiliating being a women, but these muscle clad guys who have women groveling at their feet all day because they’re cute with a nice car seem to think about it an awful lot. I suppose if women act like sluts hanging on a guy and doing anything the guy wants sexually because “he’s cute” then yes, I suppose it might seem humiliating to be a woman.

Anyway, I found out he was married and shockingly enough, her husband is one of my customers. How hilarious is that!?! She and I worked out a deal because her husband knows that he is supposed to call me every week and if he doesn’t then we’re going to tell everyone that he married a transexual. Of course, he didn’t know until I found out but hey, why not be the breaker of controversial news? It’s fun!

I would do the same to you. I want your wife to find out you’re a cocksucking slut. If she met me in a bar I would tell her all about your pathetic little cum guzzling mouth just to see the look on her face! Too bad for you that your wife isn’t a tranny or she might be more open to your cocksucking forced-bi fantasy. *smile*

Stripper Cuckolds Into Cuckold Humiliation

Cuckolding Princess Tease

You can’t touch this ;)

Sometimes my cuckold loves to go to strip bars and watch the women. I know some Cuckoldress’s might have a problem with this, but I really don’t as long as he asks for permission to tip them. He certainly isn’t adequate enough to go into the back room for a lap dance because of little cock is so tiny, but he does try and I find it really amusing.

I know you as a cuckold probably love to go to strip clubs because of the added attention you get from the ladies on stage, but do you know what happens when you start to give them money instead of your weekly call and tribute to me? You get into some serious trouble. Like when this one cuckold thought he could get away with giving a stripper more money than he gave me in a tribute one week and he started slacking, well I decided to let everyone in that strip club know what a tiny little winky he has. I told him to go up on stage and dance and do whatever was necessary to make the money back or I was going to tell his wife.

Yeah, he was outed on stage and I find it really amusing that people laughed at the size of his dick. I knew because he was forced to call me while it happened and I listened to every one laughing at him. I do hope someone got it on video because a cuckold stripping on stage and going into the back room to give big black cock blow jobs is some major cuckold humiliation that I really don’t want to miss!


The San Francisco Bay Area Storm Kept Cuckold Home Today

cuckoldingprincessteasingyouOur power almost went out this morning and cuckold’s alarm was reset so the little mousewife is here with me today. It’s actually really nice because he can cook and clean all day long and keep me satisfied with lots of coffee and foot worship.

My cuckold has a HUGE foot fetish. He loves to worship my gorgeous feet while massaging them and pampering me. He just finished the pot of French Roast and now he’s warming up some towels to give me an awesome foot massage. Of course, I want the works! I was supposed to get a pedicure today, but I’ve heard the Bay Area storm of 2014 isn’t going to let up any time soon so I’ll miss my appointment. It’s OK, he’s really good at working my feet and even painting toenails.

I guess it all started when my girlfriends and I made him paint our toenails and pamper our feet at one of his first cuckold coming out parties. He was rubbing and massaging all day long, and even though his hands were getting really tired, he kept on until late that night. He was a very good cuckold that day and earned the privilege to jerk off and amuse all of us while we taunted and teased him with our newly pampered feet. He had so much fun that whenever we talk about it he immediately gets horny and has to go into the bedroom and relieve himself. It’s really quite amusing.

I remember I even sold that video at one point. You can probably find it online somewhere, but I no longer have it. He had 4 pairs of feet all over his face, chest, stomach, and thighs. He was licking the balls of our feet, sucking our toes, and just enjoying the pure humiliation of being a total foot slut. It was really quite amusing!

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