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Sissy Picture Contest

It’s time for you to send your pictures to me in a tribute. Send a personalized egift card to me with a picture of yourself in sissy clothes like a dress, tutu, makeup, etc. NO naked pictures.

Click here.

Send to Karin King,

Only send with this tribute. Your pictures will also be posted to twitter or here.

This is for YOU, Porn Addict!


Oh I know all about you and you being a pathetic excuse as a human being. See, I watch you. I know about you. Women use you for their entertainment, tease you, and then dump you because you’re pathetic. Yes, very pathetic.

You can’t get enough of us. You pretend to be the perfect Christian man when in reality, you’re just like all the others—even worse! You tell other guys how evil we are and then they don’t know you go home and turn on your computer to your favorite porn show and jerk off all night to satisfy your porn addiction. No, they don’t. You’re so pathetic you try and humiliate us when we just laugh at you. In reality, you’re only humiliating yourself.


Listen to my mp3 about you. Click here.

Tricked into being a gay cocksucker

I always knew you were the cum guzzling bitch type.So when my friends and I brought you home from the bar we had a bet that we could get you two to suck each other’s dicks. Tania didn’t believe me, but I had a devious plan and you fell for it and you couldn’t get out of it! Once you realized that I took pictures of you with a dick in your mouth, you had to finish.

Oh my!

You and your friend will NEVER be the same! You will always think about that night that I made you suck cock and forced you to take that dick. You might as well have been my cuckold because that is what he always does. So get used to it. I have no use for “men from bars” except to get you over yourselves and get you sucking.

I think these heels look great for a bit of BALL KICKING, don’t you? :) I’d love to totally wear a pair of these with some nude stockings, a tight black skirt and a red satin shirt then hit you right where it counts. Now spread them bitch boy, and let’s get busy ;) Whether I’m kicking you in the balls and taking your cash or I’m just a ball busting bitch with a strap on, you’re going to be feeling the pain all over tonight.

This picture kind of reminds me of the last phone sex call I had. This totally feminized male just called me and started talking about how his wife jerked him off with her panties. I could see his wife doing this, taking her panties off after she was out fucking around on him and then stroking his dick with them while they’re still a little hot and moist.

He didn’t deny it, of course.

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