3-Day Stroke-a-thon Home Wrecking Blackmail

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I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of your fat ass FUGLY wife hanging around waiting for your pathetic little dick to squirt or to take your money which you should be giving to me. You are going to rent a hotel room and get away from the bitch then call me for THREE DAYS straight while I ignore you, tease you, and deny you that orgasm. I’m going to rape your wallet and clean out all of your money while home wrecking your life and then if you’re so broke by the end of the weekend that you can’t give me extra money, I’m going to milk that fucking cum from your ass. Are you able to play the game and cum for me at the end of the weekend? Or, will you be short stroking it through your prostate?


Tranny Cock Blackmail



You love keeping secrets from your wife, I just know it! But now I know that your biggest secret is that you love sucking tranny cock. I have pictures! I’m going to rape your wallet and take everything! Of course, I can always out you. Which excites you more? The blackmail, home wrecking, or outing your faggot ways?

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Cuckold Blackmailed Watching a Man in the Shower

Cuckold Loves Watching Men at the GymI know all about you and how you love going to the gym to watch other men work out. I know why you do it, too. You love remembering about the time he took you into the gym shower and made you suck his dick! You were so obsessed with that big, thick black dick that you keep on staring at it while he showered. He told me about it so I went in and took pictures of you staring at that dick for days until he showed them to you, didn’t he?

He blackmailed you and told you that you had to suck him off or he was going to show these pictures to her and now you are his little bitch every single weekend you go to the gym to work out. You have to. You have no choice or he is going to make sure your wife knows what a good little cum guzzling slut you are.

I especially like the picture of you with the jizz dripping down your chin. I guess he missed that day. Oh yes cuckold, I watched every single time you gave him head and I took pictures of it. I have your mouth open wide in every single picture imaginable. Be careful now, he is making you suck it and I just might hit you up for money.

Keep a Good Man Down Through Cuckolding and Blackmail

CuckoldingHe really didn’t know what happened to him when it did. My friend was so mad at her husband when he had cheated on her that she was about to leave him. I talked her out of it. Why? Because up until then he had been faithful and didn’t do anything wrong. He brought a lot of money into the household and keep things running. I’m not saying that women need that, but why not use it when it is available, right? The thing is, while he was cheating he wasn’t cheating with just anyone. He had found a slutty girlfriend who made him do things that questioned his manhood. His wife found out because she found the videos the slut made of him and she put him on the Internet.

I had a talk with this new little tramp and convinced her (with a little bit of coercion) to remove the pictures and she did. This little slut already knows not to fuck with me because she has done it before and I made her sad life a living hell. I made copies of the pictures and held on to them for safe keeping. His wife forgave him since the pictures were removed and their lives became something wonderful until I decided to step in. He had stopped calling which means that he stopped our little contract. I called the loser and sent him copies of the pictures I kept. I also sent him pictures of his beloved wife cheating on him. Yeah, I know. When I take control I take total control. At that point he knew his marriage was shit and gave up.

I told them they had to stay together and she had to become what he wanted deep down inside. He needed a cuckoldress and he needed to be the bi-sexual man that he craved. I also told them if they didn’t that I would make sure everyone knew of their affairs–of her affair with that big black cock gangster and his sordid affair with the slut. They knew I had pictures of both of them. What could they do?

Now they’re both in compliance with their new contracts with Me. They do whatever I want. If I want him to go suck dick while she fucks next to him, they do it. If I want him to fuck her in the ass while she sucks dick, they do it. He calls for every week to update me on their relationship and what they have done to complete their tasks. Of course, I charge him when he does. He calls my $8.99 per minute line and is required to hold on for at least an hour. If he runs out of things to say for that hour, well then he has to get ignored for the rest of the time. If he misses his call then his pictures are sent out via text. They know now that blackmail and cuckolding go together like a hand in a soft leather glove.

Why Blackmail Your Cuckold?

cuckoldingprincesslookingatcuckoldBWhat? You silly cuckold! You question why I enjoy blackmailing my cuckolds when cuckolding them? Oh dear, sweet, naive little tool. Cuckolds are so full of life when you want them to be good little boys, but then when you give them one inch of thinking they might be man enough to fuck you they let it all go to their head. Yes, the top one. Sorry cuckolds, but this is not your place and you need to be kept down to the level where you belong.

Cuckolds are nothing more than mere sexual entertainment. They do whatever you want and clean whatever you want. The cleanup could be from the kitchen sink to the creampie from my gorgeous snatch. Whatever it is I want them to do, the cuckold is going to be in panties and heels while he does it. I have one darling cuckold who wears pink stockings when he does house chores for me because he is such a good little pet and I get a kick from his matching lipstick and stockings. It is so amusing to watch him work. I think he has the ass shake down just right, too. He is required to wear a chastity belt when he cleans because he’s such a pathetic little tool. If he didn’t then he would make a HUGE mess all over the place while cleaning.

So, cuckold, you wonder why it is so important for your Mistress to blackmail you? There is no way you are allowed to start thinking you are a man at all because you aren’t and you never will be. You will always be the pathetic little cocksucking loser that you are now and there is no way out of it. One mention of you getting a promotion could let all of the testosterone that you have left go to your head and your ego might inflate giving you a false sense of manhood. We can’t have that happen because you will get to totally lost. It is for your own benefit, little man.

My Favorite Blackmail Scenes

my favorite blackmail mp3sI just get all giddy when I talk about my favorite blackmail mp3s. Why? Because the power of it all makes me so excited and yes, a little bit wet. There, I said it. Are you happy? I constantly get calls from pets asking me if watching them suck dick makes me wet. No, it makes me laugh. It makes me want to abuse you even more. What does make me wet and want to abuse your wallet more? Milking money from your bank account.

It’s no secret that I love to bitch slap men with the reality that any extra money they make in life really should be handed over to Me. When they get cocky and try to be a little bit alpha, I just have to snap my fingers and remind them that it isn’t going to work with me. I’m not their meek wife who asks for cash when she spends it. No, I demand the cash and get it anyway. Most times I don’t even need to ask, it is just handed over to me anyway.

While I’m at it, I love a bit of mind fuckery with you pets and by buying my favorite blackmail mp3s you will get a little taste of the mind fuckery I enjoy giving. Mind fucked and cash fucked is where a man like you belongs. Your hands open, handing me your hard earned and interest earned cash while I enjoy the better things in life. This is why your wife buys Burberry and I buy Louis Vuitton because I’m worth more. Period. While I’m dancing in my Vendome spikes and she’s tromping around in her Adidas tennies I’m sure you’re thinking about my red tipped toes more than her sweaty socks. Even so, my sweaty socks from jogging probably even smell better.

In fact, you need to put that woman on a diet and there isn’t a better way than just taking her food budget away from her and adding that to my account as well. That way your fat cow of a wife can lose weight and maybe be able to please you again. LOL I doubt it. She doesn’t have a penis.

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Corporate Blackmail: Caught With Your Secretary and a Strap-On

corporate blackmail secretary strap-onI know, I know. I can be one of the cruelest bitches around. What do you think happens when my boss calls me wondering why I submitted such an expensive expense report? All of the computer items must have flagged his system. I mean, how dare he ask the hot IT girl why she needs this new computer equipment.

I always get what I want even if I have to get it by force. He didn’t want to play at first because he thought I would just roll over and leave when he said no. Bossy boy didn’t expect me to go complete Bitch on him and demand that he give me what I want and then some because if he doesn’t I will use every single picture, email, and text against him. His wife doesn’t know what he does with his long lunches a few days a week when he takes off with his secretary. I do. I have videos of him on all fours with his secretary banging him with a strap-on. I have more, too.

I will get what I want because I always do. This time will be no exception. I can be the most devious Bitch ever to walk in front of you. I’m like the black cat the crosses your path on Halloween because once I saunter in front of you and cross your path you can never, ever get rid of me. I’m like the BOFH (Bastard Operator from Hell) because I can be. I hold every single corporate and person secret of ever single person and department because I run the show behind the scenes. It isn’t pretty.

So you better do what I ask or I WILL make sure your life as the department head is a living hell.

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From Blackmailing Cuckolds to Sissybots…

From blackmailing cuckolds to sissybots, you’ll find something for you in this little batch of mp3’s. Of course, they’ll be listed at the Princess Courtyard on official release, but for now just enjoy getting them at 1/2 off their normal price.

You’ve been blackmailed for being a cuckold
You’re the secret cuckold couple around town and no one knows about it, what will you do to keep your secret?


You Are My Sissybot sissy maid
I’ve heard a lot about fembots, but you are going to become my sissybot. Find out what happens after I purchase you off the shelf to do the chores for me and, well, other functions that your fully functioning anatomy can do.


You, the Voyeur, Blackmailed Into Sucking Tranny Cock
I caught YOU, the voyeur, peaking into your neighbor’s windows while watching his wife fuck another man. Well, window watcher, I’m going to make you do what you’ve always dreamed of and that’s suck tranny dick. If you don’t, then you’re going to confess to being a voyeur.


You Know You’re gay When You Go Ass to Mouth
You’re so gay that you will suck and fuck but you still think you’re not gay. Let me prove it to you by making you love drinking that jizz by going ass to mouth.


Jerk off the Man with the 8-Pack Abs
You know you love to look at my boyfriends totally rock hard body. So what is it going to take to admit that you want see what his big cock is like? Maybe I want you to jerk off his dick with your hand then lick it off his 8-pack abs.


You Love Having Your Dick Sucked By Another Man
You’ve always thought about sucking another man’s dick, but I bet you wouldn’t turn down a nice wet mouth over your cock.

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Humiliation Alphabet Game for Cuckolds and Blackmail Addicts

I know, you’re excited to see my game. Well, I’ve kind of jumped the gun here and took a shot in the dark by posting about it early. You’re going to have a lot of fun grabbing your stick to enjoy this massively huge game. You won’t know what hit you when I rub it all in your face showing you how much of a cuckold loser boy you are and why I’ve been fucking around with other men.

The game will be released soon. Just take this as a warning. Big spenders should save their cash for me because I’m going to clean that wallet out with my hot mp3s. Every time I come out with a new version, you’ll be told about the word here to buy a new game card. Or you can always just guess, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the right if you just guess, but at least I’ll be making a lot of cash. *smile*

Cuckold Blackmailed for Sucking Tranny Cock

tranny blackmail How I love cuckolding and blackmail. It is so obvious that I know what you are doing at all times. I have the most hilarious video of you sucking a tranny’s dick and then getting dommed by her. She teases and humiliates you like she’ll never stop. I’m very tempted to make it a niteflirt PTV and sell it, but you can always listen to my mp3 and put an end to the sale. My God you are such the man whore! I can’t believe how she fooled you into stroking your tiny pin dick and sucking that big thick cock of hers. I really enjoy how she bitch slapped you with it again and again until you got it right!

What did you even think I was going to do with the video? You’re either going to pay me or I’m going to let the world see it in this blackmail fantasy mp3.

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