My Boyfriend Thought He Had a Monster Cock

I used to have this boyfriend back in the day who would write me love letters all the time and brag about his monster cock. We would end up writing these stories back and forth for weeks because we had a long distance relationship.

Then we got together and at that magical moment when he decided to show me his dick I about died. That “Monster Cock” he always bragged about was this short, stumpy little thing. It didn’t even have a shaft when it was soft, just a button of a head and when it was hard it couldn’t have been more than 3-inches long!

I was appalled! The relationship obviously didn’t last and that button dick made me crack up all the time. Yes, it really was a “button dick”. That so-called monster cock he said was 8 inches and thick ended up being a short, little, tiny, itty bitty pin dick.

Caller thought his dick was so big and wanted to brag it was 8 inches long. Then he showed it to me HAHAHAHA

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Little Dick Cuckold Losers Watch While their Wives Get Fucked

Here you are again, wondering what it’s like to watch your wife get fucked while you sit there pounding that little sickening stump of a dick. I’m really surprised you haven’t squeezed it off yet because all you ever think about is your wife getting laid by someone with a dick bigger than yours. Then you call me and you have to tell me all about it because no one else will listen to you. Of course, I only listen because you’re paying me to and even then I laugh at your pathetic attempt at trying to be a man.

You're a tiny dick loser

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You’re not a man, you’re a mouse. Realize it. Understand it. You suddenly realize that no one is going to sleep with you because of your pin dick so you resort to the realization that you have to accept it.  It’s really revolting that you would even considering sleeping with a woman and trying to use that little stump for such a task!

you must be a faggot

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Once you realize that you’re not man enough for me or any of my friend which includes your wife then you just have to ask yourself Am I gay?. Are you? Does having such a small penis make you a bottom? It certainly doesn’t make you a top. You must be a bottom boy and what that means that not even a gay man wants you to have sex with him unless he’s on top. That’s pretty sad. I guess it just means that you are destined to jerk off all by yourself and get humiliated daily. Does it?

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And what would you do then if you caught your wife cheating on you? Would you continue to jerk that little stump? Because you know that she doesn’t want some cuckold loser trying to fuck her.

I personally think that you would just walk in, sit down and start fapping it, but that’s just me. Maybe I’m wrong. LOL I doubt it. I know men like you and you’re really, really pathetic!


Friday the 13th is Just Another Humiliation Day for a Loser Like You

Your Wife is cuckolding You Again

Here you are sitting at home again, and where is your wife? She’s out fucking around on you because you’re so pathetic. Remember how I taught her how to do it? Well, now she’s taking full advantage of it. I think you’ll end up at the end of the night with me on the phone and a hot cream pie between your lips because that is what a man like you deserves while your wife is out getting fucked.



You’re a Drunk Fucking Sunk

You’re such a drunk, pathetic loser. While you drink I’m going to clean out your wallet and make it all mine. Go get that bottle of booze and be the man that you know you are. Drink up and pay me all night long. That’s right, I want you to max out every card you have on me while you get shit faced and you can’t remember anything that you told me. 




Friday the 13th is Just Another Day for a Loser Like You

Friday the13th is just another day for a loser like you. Some people believe in fairy tales, but why should you when you’re already the most humiliated loser on the planet that your wife fucks your boss and you can’t even get ahead on any day let alone Friday the 13th.


Your Wretched Little Worm

You can’t hide that sickening little midget penis from me. I know all about how gross that nasty worm is! I’m going to humiliate your tiny dick so bad that you won’t even think you’re a man any longer. You won’t even be able to flex whatever muscles you have left. Download it now, wormwood.


Pin Dick Don Shoots Cum in His Face

pindick don begged to have his pictures removed from my site so he paid for the service of doing so. I did remove them, but you should have seen them. He shot cum right into his mouth while putting his legs up in the air. Honestly, I’m surprised his little dick could shoot that far.

That Small Penis Is Not 8 Inches Long

OMG that disgusting tiny little dick is not 8 inches long you freak!

This last call some loser tried to convince me he was 8 inches long so I told him to take a picture and send it to me on niteflirt. That little tiny worm dick was NOT 8 inches long. I know what 8-inches looks like because my boyfriend Gus’s is 9 inches long. That thing was a teenie weanie little button dick only about 3 inches long and so thin it could fit through a soda bottle. What a pathetic little worm! Listen to the call and laugh at him with me.

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2-Inch Single – A song about a small penis call

I had a caller who loves trance music and who is also a little 2-inch dick loser. I wrote him a little song based on our call. I think you’ll have some fun with it. Maybe I’ll turn it into the alternative radio station here in the Bay Area. lol Well, I would if they were still independent, but they were bought out by a big company. Oh well. Long live Internet radio!

Are You a Man With a Red Car?

LOL OMG. I just added a great site to my blog roll called Red Car? Small Penis where my friend Sara just added some great humiliation listings including my small penis humiliation recording.

I know that you little tiny dick guys with your 3 inch stumps would just get rock hard listening to the insults thrown at you. In your mind you’ll go back to the first day someone laughed at that button dick and it embarrassed you with hardness. And yeah…I bet you probably do drive either a red sports car or a red truck when you should be driving one of those nasty little greenmobiles. You know what I mean?

Check it out and be sure to call one of these hot ladies, or me you little inky dinky dicky boy.

Well little pin dicks have I got the tomato for you! While searching for hot peppers to put in my mini green house I found the cutest little tomato! It kind of reminds me of your short, stubby little button dick.

Small Penis or Syrup Spout

tiny little button dick pic

I laughed when I snapped a pic of this syrup jar. It remember me of some of those little tiny button dick guys who call me for a bit of small penis humiliation. I mean serious, it isn’t more than a couple of inches long and the tiny little head, well, it’s so picturesque of you little 4-inch men. Read more »

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