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I know, I know. You’re not gay so you say. Well, I’ve heard it all before and I have a challenge for you. I want you to listen to my mp3 and prove to me that you’re not a cocksucking faggot. I bet that if you cum before the recording ends that you are a cocksucking faggot. I’d love to know if you were up to the challenge. Let me know what happens when you call me or leave feedback. Fag boy.

It’s my birthday this month. Here’s a perfect picture of me and a wishlist.


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My Latest Adult MP3's:

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  1. Jon on November 7th, 2011

    Hello, Princess Karin! 🙂

    My name is Jon. I have actually visited your blog before, but i had trouble getting in for a while…Or if you where updating it, maybe? (It´s AMAZING, by the way!! So cool!) Anyway, i have to say you seam just like the girl of my DREAMS really! 🙂 You are so sexy and i LOVE your dominant and bitchy attitude!

    I remember an amazing post about footfetish a while back where you wrote about using a guy like your doormat when you get in from the rain and wipe your dirty feet all over his face and chest…Asking how many would let you do that. And i remember i was like instantly thinking: “That´s ME she describes! I would love to be that guy!” 🙂 My story is this…I have always been very submisive. And i have ALWAYS fantasized about a really bitchy, sadistic, sexy and dominant girl! Someone who would enjoy treating me like her personal doormat and walk all over me all the time, both figurely and literally. It´s too bad girls like that never seam to exist in real life…Or ALL too rare to find, anyway.

    My dream has pretty much always been the same: I have always fantasized about meeting a really cruel and sadistic, sexy and bitchy girl who likes to torture me and really make me suffer…Treating me just like the loser i am. I´ve always liked bad girls! 😉 Nice girls never did it for me, i always just found them boring…Instead, i always secretly dreamed of meeting a really cruel and sadistic princess type of girl – the kind of girl who would treat me just like the dirt under her feet and wipe her feet on me! Someone who would sit on my face, walk all over me with her sharp high heels, scratch me with her nails, slap me, spit in my face and call me a loser…Use my mouth as her personal ashtray and blow smoke right in my face…Use my body as her mattress to sleep on, chair, couch, carpet or any piece of furniture she wanted me to be…Shop with my money and buying anything she liked and just smiling evily at me while maxing out my credit cards…Just making me follow her around to carry her bags and not even thanking me when i drop them all off at her step, just slapping my face instead or making me lye down at her doorstep so she can stand on my chest and wipe her feet on me just lika a doormat before slamming the door in my face, calling me a loser and telling me she will contact me the next time she wants to go shopping…A girl who would tell me herself to carry her bags and just expect me to do it right away, let me be a perfect gentleman and open her doors, buying her sexy, expensive lingerie and doing anything to keep her happy and pleased, while she just treats me like the dirt under her feet in return. I always used to fantasize about a totally self centered, sadistic and cruel girl like that, but never thought they existed att ALL in real life…So i find your blog totally amazing! And it would be INCREDIBLE to be your slave and let you treat me like that! What would you mostly use a guy like me for? Cause i would really do anything for you, that´s for sure! 😉

    You´re on Niteflirt aren´t you? I really wish i had the courage to call you sometime…Have never called before and i would´nt even know how to start…But the first time is always the hardest, i guess, with most things in life? How do most people start off the conversation when they call?

    /Kindly and SUBMISSIVLY, 🙂


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