Your assignment for the first week of 2012

This assignment should make your little worm twitch. It’s a two-part assignment. Listen to the mp3 and do exactly as I say. I want you to humiliate yourself by following the directions and while you’re doing it you’re going to imagine what a big black cocksucker you really are! Just listen to it and do what it says.

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  1. Alexandria on August 20th, 2012

    There are a lot of hot black celebs, probably with big cocks, but there has been one guy on my mind recently – the actor Shemar Moore. God he’s gorgeous! If you don’t know him, he’s on the show ‘Criminal Minds’ and used to be on ‘The Young and the Restless.’ Total hunk at any rate. I was curious and so I google searched him… and oh damn! He’s hot and he knows it, and there are multiple sightings of his seriously built body all over beaches in Miami. And in half of these pictures, he’s got his cock pressed against the inside of his swim trunks for the paparazzi ’cause he just got out of the water.

    He’s a total dream… and I started to dream I met him…

    * * * * *

    When I got to the beach, the first thing I wondered was why it was so crowded. About fifty yards south of the beach access was a big group, probably dozens of people, and towels and umbrellas dotted the sand. This spot was usually secluded, and for that reason one of my favorite spots to lay out and tan. I like to pull my suit down and scrunch up the legs as far as they’ll go, to expose as much skin to the sun as I can. Sometimes I’ll tuck it all into my ass like a thong and really tan my cheeks, and if the beach is totally deserted I can go nude. I kind of like the tan lines though.

    I muttered an “Oh well,” to myself and walked down through the sand to where everyone was gathered. The sand was hot and so each of my steps got faster and faster, and I could see that the crowd had a lot of people not in bathing suits but regular clothing instead, and some of them had professional cameras.

    “Someone famous?” I thought, but the only person I could see coming out of the water was a woman in a lime green bathing suit. Dark hair and tan skin, nice body, she was definitely attractive. But I wouldn’t say stunning, and I certainly didn’t recognize her as a celebrity. I started to turn around and head to a spot far away from everyone else when I saw him.

    It suddenly dawned on me what the attention was all about when Shemar Moore’s wet torso emerged from the water. The clicking of camera shutters became a roar. My eyes were just as glued to him. Such a defined, massive body! Those abs, those pecs! I’m sure my jaw was hanging open at this point. Shemar took a few more steps forward and suddenly there he was, standing proudly with his wet blue swimming trunks wrapped tightly around his bulging cock.

    I stood there, mouth gaping for awhile, and time seemed to pass very quickly while he said hello to photographers and eventually shooed everyone away. He wants his privacy I guess, and reluctantly I shuffled off down the beach with the rest of the crowd, set up my towel and decided to soak up some sun.

    15 minutes on the back, 15 minutes with my body the other way, 15 minutes on my stomach, 15 minutes with my body the other way. I had a routine, and after two of those and a dip in the water to rinse off some sand, I decided to use the restroom. It was a short walk (the sand was even hotter now, though), and soon I was in front of the little bathroom hut.

    I opened the door with a push, and saw it was dark inside. The lights came from a few high windows up by the ceiling, but it was moist inside and generally felt like a restroom at the beach. The floor was wet green tile, there was a bench to set your things down on, and two urinals with a small divider and one stall.

    I started walking to the stall. Recently, I’ve been trying to become more feminine, and sitting down to pee has come with the territory. As I tiptoed my way across the wet bathroom floor I heard the door swing open and flip-flops snapping against the tile. I turned my head and saw him–fuck, Shemar, this black god is in the bathroom!–and quickly changed direction for the urinal. I stepped up to it, my hands shaking. He kept walking behind me, close behind me, and nestled into the urinal next to me. I couldn’t believe how large his body was. I’m a thin guy, but he looks three times my size. He must spend every day in the gym, but hell if it isn’t worth it.

    I tried not to glance out of the corner of my eye at him, but I did. A lot. I thought to myself “Be cool,” and stared straight ahead. I reached down and pulled the tip of my dick over the elastic band of my swimming trunks. It was getting hard, and I tried but couldn’t pee at all. I started to tuck it back into my shorts. Meanwhile, Shemar opened his fire hose. I heard it splashing in the bowl, I wanted to reach around the divider, grab his cock, feel it pulse as the warm liquid fired out of the barrel. My reverie was interrupted:

    “Decided against the stall, huh?” He was looking right at me. I was silent.

    “Go ahead and look.” I peeked over the divider. Holy shit. There it was, probably 7 inches of soft thick cock. I would have guessed it was 5 inches soft down at the water, and here it had grown a little bit.

    “Touch it, white boy.” I reached down and felt it in my hand. Yes! Yes! So thick! I squeezed, and it pushed back. I slid my hand up, slid it down, it grew even bigger.

    “Thinking about the stall again?” I nodded. I couldn’t even think. He put his hand on my back and turned my toward the stall and walked me in. I still held on to his cock and wasn’t planning on letting go. He shut the stall door behind him, and I climbed up and kneeled on the toilet, facing him. I pulled him towards me with his handle, and put my other hand on it too. It was closing in on 9 inches now, and had room for two hands and more to spare.

    A strange thing happened to my dick just then. I was getting incredibly hard, but I think my little dick knew it’s place at the same time. My balls tucked up against my body, and my dick started poking out but almost felt like it was getting smaller. I had a 4 inch piece of steel pressing against my trunks. I looked up at him, hands still on his cock, and he smiled. I pressed my lips up to the cut, pinkish head.

    The taste of the piss was there, and not pleasant, but I would have drank anything from this beautiful fountain. I couldn’t believe I had my lips on this gorgeous cock. First thing I did was pop the whole tip in my mouth, and swirl under the head with my tongue. Once it was good and moist, I slid my hands down further and covered the distance with my tongue, running it and my lips down the sides, top, and back of his cock just to moisten it up. My hands came up and down in a rhythm I was picking up, and then I dropped one down to feel his balls (heavy, low hanging, shaved smooth like the rest of his privates) as I popped the head into my mouth again.

    This time I sucked deeper, 3 to 4 inches. I pumped up and down with my head, pulled in with suction and relaxed, pumped the base of his cock with my right hand, and massaged and tugged his scrotum with my left. It was growing, stiffening. 9 hard inches were in my mouth, and it started getting thicker, to the point where my index finger and thumb just barely met around shaft.

    He let out a moan after a few minutes of this. I was getting somewhere. I bet that dumb girlfriend of his doesn’t suck him like this. I shoved my head down further, 6 inches, I felt his cock push against the back of my throat. I made a gurgling noise, my eyes began to water, and I pulled my head up. He pushed it right back down again, 7 inches, holy shit. I pulled off and coughed, and spit flew all over his cock and my hand. I started jacking him hard till I recovered, and tried to deepthroat him again. 7 inches. I probably wasn’t getting any deeper than that.

    Then I heard squeaking hinges and the room got temporarily brighter, and with the sound of flip flops I knew someone entered the bathroom. Shit! People get busted here all the time for sucking cock in the bathroom. I pulled off his dick in a hurry, and started to lose my balance on the toilet seat. I fell forwards, and my arms caught his chest, my face pressed against his abs. I felt his arms reach behind me and hold me up. I was afraid to move. We waited for the toilet to flush, and the door to open and close again, and in the meantime I relished being in his arms, having my hands on his strong muscles. My face was pressed into his stomach, and I could feel the grooves in his sculpted abdomen under my lips. I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out and lick him. He smelled like sea water, sweat, tanning oil, and god he smelled like a man. I breathed it in, and squeezed my fingertips into his skin.

    The door closed, and he pushed me back up to a comfortable spot on the seat. His cock was eye level again, and I saw the tip glistening, inches away from my face. Precum – and like how we all know you get more toothpaste when you squeeze from the bottom, I placed my hands around the base of his pole and milked the precum out. It turned from a drop to a fat glob, and I flicked it into my mouth with my tongue. It was sweet like I knew it would be, and I buried my mouth on his dick again.

    “I’ve got to get back,” he said.

    No! I wouldn’t hear it! I let my eyes do the talking as I glared up at him. Up and down, up and down, my mouth was operating as a cum extracting machine while my hands toyed with the base of his cock. I popped the head into the sides of both my cheeks, pulled it out, rubbed it against my face, slurped it down again, hollowed out my mouth and let his cock fuck my lips. He started bucking into me again and I knew he was enjoying it. He placed his hand on my head and really started to drive. I adjusted my rhythm to his, and soon I felt his cock quivering.

    “Fuck!” he said, and thrust into my face once, twice, three times, and a rope shot out onto my tongue. Then another, more and more and more, warm wet seed filling my mouth. I kept my mouth on his cock and tried swallowing. I got down a mouthful but he kept shooting. It sprayed out the sides of my mouth, and even after I lifted up my head to breathe, another thick stream hit me across the face. He grabbed his own cock and used it to rub his cum into my face, saying “you like that? good, good,” some bullshit like that but it’s true, I loved it. I finished swallowing everything in my mouth, pushed the cum on the corners of my lips into my mouth, and then gave his softening (still massive) cock one long slurp again.

    He patted me on the head and smiled, and reached down with his hand and gave my bulging dick (clit? it was diamond-cutting yet 4 measly inches) a quick tap and laughed. I didn’t expect him to do anything for it, nor did I want him to. What use does a black god like him have for my tiny thing?

    “That should give you something to jerk off over,” he said, and laughed, and I smiled. He opened the stall door, left, and that was it. I got up and looked in the mirror. A string of cum was on my face, and I rubbed it in a little bit but let it stay, a badge of honor.

    When I got outside, I went to my towel and looked down the beach for Shemar. That girlfriend of his was clinging to him, and he squeezed her ass. It looked like they were leaving. She probably had no idea. I smiled to myself and licked my lips, and went back to laying out.

    * * * * *

    Gee it’s late, I should probably sleep. Just so you know, I also did the assignment where I checked out black guys. I happen to be near one of Florida’s few nude beaches. I’m a lucky boy. Thanks for reading my story, if you did. You inspired it! So I hope you enjoy it. I’m going to post it in the feedback for the task, or at least however much fits.


  2. Princess Karin on August 26th, 2012

    Oh goodness, he is really hot but I’d bet he’d bitchslap you knowing the nasty thoughts you had about him.

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